07 Sep 15:34

It’s alive! Today we present to you a look under the hood of the Claas Quadrant baler. We have recreated a large amount of the inner workings and animated them successfully.

After some changes on our engine, the Quadrant is the first of our machines where parts are controlled via skeletal animations.

This enables us to animate machines in connection with 3D programs better, in more detail and with less effort.

Keep in mind: until 09.13.18 we have a 30% discount on Cattle and Crops on our website, Steam, Humble Bundle and Gamesrocket.

We wish you a nice weekend!

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14 Sep 16:00

The Straw Update is shaping up, today we give you an insight into bale handling. The bales can now be skewered, stacked and transported.We wish you a pleasant weekend!

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