11 Apr 16:14

With the Hotfix Update v0.5.1 we have further improved the radial menu, applied the new design to many UI elements and fixed some bugs.

We'll be back at the beginning of May with another status update, until then we wish you all a relaxing holiday and happy Easter!


  • The vehicle lights as well as the ignition are now available in the radial menu
  • The first important vehicles (all tractors and the Jaguar) have received complete translations for the UserActions and CabControls
  • Mission start, status and complete displays have been redesigned
  • CareerInfo display top left has been redesigned
  • A vehicle can also consist of several animated sub-models and these will now always be displayed correctly
  • The Key Bindings Info window now uses the gamepad keys when using a controller
  • The radial menu has been further improved regarding the assignment of the quickslots
  • At the start of the game you are in the first-person view
  • Radio was removed from the hud
  • Autopilot can be switched off after save game loading
  • Fixed language selection in options menu in launcher version
  • Numpad Enter no longer triggers screenshots under Steam
  • Pause menu buttons no longer disappear at 21:9 resolutions
  • The Key Bindings Info window no longer interferes in the main menu or in the WorldEditor
  • The mission "Fast growth, better business" is no longer doubled
  • Fixed a problem with the "Fill Tank Failed" warning in the "Good Crops" and "Bale Mission" missions
  • The mission "The bulls are back in town" is playable again

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