23 Jun 15:05

With update we want to offer you more immersion and gameplay. Therefore, we have added environment sounds to this version. This means you can hear various sounds on the Albergtal map, which makes the game feel more realistic. The birdsong, rain and wind sounds are some examples. In addition, your character has now been given movement noise, which also differs depending on ground types. This is completed by sounds that attract and scare away animals.

The Albergtal Map was further updated. The vehicle trader now has tractors in his showroom and the sewage plant has been made a bit nicer. The farmhouse and all buildings have been reworked and got a more realistic look. The barn is now finally a barn and does not look so clinically anymore. The farmhouse now has automatic opening doors and the annex and garage can now be used to park vehicles. Furthermore, new bushes have been placed on the Albergtal map which are also seasonable.

An update to the current PhysX 4.1 version is also included in this update. This fixed the shaking in light vehicles (AI traffic).

Furthermore, many bugfixes have been included in this update. All changes can be found in detail in the changelog.

There will be a status update at the end of July and end of August until V1 in September. We are currently working full steam ahead on the completion of the V1 and will introduce to you some of the content of the V1 in the upcoming status updates.


  • The vehicle specific physics were reworked and several heavy bugs were fixed that made light vehicles shake
  • PhysX 4.1 update. Update to the latest stable PhysX version
  • Environment sounds were added
  • Footstep Sounds have been added and are configurable via XML
  • Flashlight has received on/off sound
  • Sounds to attract and scare away Animals
  • Attract and scare off Animals improved
  • Bushes were added
  • Bushes Season Update
  • The farmhouse has been given a garage
  • The farmhouse has got a workshop
  • 32 bit triangle indices support so that meshes can have more than 65336 vertices. so we can render more vegetation than before
  • KI riders no longer automatically log off the field
  • KI driver waits until chopper/thresher is ready on the field
  • KI: Detection of potential collisions improved, NaN problem fixed
  • Crashfix: Delete on vehicle Hide FieldGuidanceSystem window
  • [EDITOR] Fixed connecting NavPath ends to nodes in the editor
  • [EDITOR] This is important for modders: WheelJoint settings have been fixed. Unfortunately, an error had crept in during the engine upgrade and the brake settings of the WheelJoints could not be changed properly.
  • When you drive with automatic, you don't shift from neutral to first gear anymore which was a conflict with the automatic of PhysX.
  • Also the PhysX input smoothing for analog input events was fixed. A wrong time factor was calculated here.
  • [EDITOR] FontImporter settings were fixed
  • [EDITOR] PNG Tree Importer fixed
  • Street Decals fixing
  • Field menu: Added missing StringTable entries for field grass and rye
  • Albergtal material errors have been fixed
  • Vehicle shelter collision was added
  • Vegetation Grid hole was solved
  • Workshop Collision was changed
  • Asset Windmill
  • Tree bug fixed
  • Factions are now translated and XP correctly scaled
  • Mission 07 Harvest the skiers do not work properly anymore
  • Morph mesh no longer explodes in the first frame
  • Tire tracks are painted directly under the tires and have fewer outliers
  • The motor sounds were adjusted to the volume level of the new ambient sounds
  • The new ambient sounds become quieter when the cabin is locked inside the vehicle
  • The menu sounds and mission event sounds have been turned down
  • The Footstepsounds were refined
  • The machine sounds of the attachments have been reduced to 25% volume
  • Fixed a problem with Plug 'n' Play support for Xbox controllers. It was possible that the controller was not recognized if the driver had given an unknown string or hardware ID. Now all XInput Devices are supported
  • Fixed missing default assignments for the controller when walking
  • Attract animals placed on Y
  • Scare animals away on RB + Y
  • Jumping is A
  • Getting into the vehicle is now done with X or Dpad Bottom as when getting out
  • Flashlight is RB + DPad Left as in the vehicle
  • Sewage plant has received a complete overhaul
  • Sewage plant was added to the minimap
  • Vehicle dealer was revised
  • Hammer CornKing maize sowing unit: too high seed consumption corrected (now 50l/ha)
  • Path System at field entrances was revised
  • BGP silo paths were revised
  • [Farmstorage] AI's no longer stuck on the driveway
  • Farm premises were completely revised
  • machine hall, 1st floor is accessible
  • Sewage plant was revised
  • [EDITOR] Triggers can now also be set via editor masks
  • The OBJ to Agrofield Importer now supports OBJ files from 3D Studio Max and the Guruwave Exporter and the latest Blender version

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