05 Feb 17:30

Today we have a small hotfix update v0.1.0.6 that corrects a few problems with the employee.


  • NEW: When the seeding tank of the employee is empty, he automatically refills it

  • BUG FIX: The game doesn’t crash any longer when an employee is being dismissed via the menu

  • BUG FIX: The turning maneuver of the employee now works again for seeding, and fertilizing

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02 Feb 18:00

In this update v0.1.0.5 we have further improved the employee. He should now start at the field edge with the first lane and not skip any lanes. The enhanced employee …

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09 Feb 21:00

Todays Update v0.1.0.7 is the foundation for the steam release. After this release we will only fix important bugs. After that, this version will be available on Steam on 02.13.2018.The …

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