23 Feb 18:30

With update we have added new story missions for the second season, fixed some reported bugs and added some new features. For example, you can now see the assignment of keys ingame.

We have created a new section in or “Bugreports & Feedback” forum for “save games”. It would be very helpful if you could provide us with your defective save games. Please check the following link to see how to proceed: http://forum.cattleandcrops.com/thread/2076-defective-save-games/

All changes, bug fixes and new features you can check out in our changelog as always.


  • NEW: New story missions for the second season

  • NEW: A message is now displayed in the message board when the animals don’t have enough fodder

  • NEW: At the start of the game we check the Nvidia drivers and point out if the version is outdated. A message is also displayed if the creation of a save game isn’t possible due to installed virus scanners

  • NEW: For quests, the aiding lines on the fields could only be displayed on flat terrain. They have been adjusted to hilly landscapes and were added to some quests as help

  • NEW: With the key “i” (default) you can now view the new control info window over the minimap. It displays the keybindings for the current environment (character, vehicles)

  • NEW: The quest system has been reworked, you can now automatically create quests for different seasons of the year. Future example: commissioned work - plow different fields at a certain time that are not in your possession

  • BUG FIX: Hawe is being refilled by the Jaguar if machine particles are disabled in the graphics options

  • BUG FIX: The buggy display of the machine shop with opened 3D view has been fixed

  • BUG FIX: The suction hose in the slurry mission is now attached at the correct side of the tank again

  • BUG FIX: Typo in the options menu has been fixed

  • BUG FIX: The worker in the Jaguar sometimes drove around wildly after the first chaffing mission. This bug shouldn’t appear any longer

  • BUG FIX: The doors of the machine hall open and close reliably again. The side doors now open as well

  • BUG FIX: The troughs aren’t overfilled in an animal feeding task any longer

  • BUG FIX: It sporadically happened that the reverse gear of the automatic transmission didn’t work. This should have been fixed

  • CHANGE: The statistic data of the machines in the vehicle overview have been removed for now since they have no effect yet

  • CHANGE: UserAction buttons you drag into the bottom bar are now saved for every vehicle and are available after the loading of a savegame

  • CHANGE: The saving in the options menu did take quite long sometimes, we were able to greatly optimize the system

  • CHANGE: The Arion’s sound (cracking sound) has been revised

  • CHANGE: You can now set back the controls to default in the options menu

  • CHANGE: When you go to sleep, the date is shown in addition to the progress bar. This makes for a better overview

  • CHANGE: A floating position has been added to the CornKing’s rear hydraulics. The seeding addon should now be handled better

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