20 Dec 20:00

4K | Full HD

The grassland update v0.4.0 adds the Claas Direct Disc 520 cutterbar and a Strautmann Giga-Vitesse 4401 loader wagon to the game.

Fruit types

from now on multiple fruit types can be filled into the same trailer allowing you to collect grass, silage, hay and straw at the same time. Select the difficulty level of traders in the options menu under "Gameplay" ➞ "Sale Mode". Depending on the setting you will get different prices for mixed loads.


The existing quest "Bring in the hay" has been split. After tedding you get two new quests, allowing you to decide if you want to press the hay into bales or collect it with the loader wagon.


We have added multiple new commands. If you enter a command without any parameters it will show a info text in the console with all the available parameters.


If the working width of the Liner 500 isn’t enough for you, xyzspain has a much bigger one for you to use.

And if the Hammer CornKing is too big, you can use the small 3 meter Rabe Unia seeder combination from deutz62 06

Updates regarding new modding projects can be followed in our forum

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The Cattle and Crops Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our support team will be available again from 07 January 2019, more updates will be available in the week from 21 January 2019.

We are looking forward to your feedback! If you like CNC, don’t forget to leave a review on Steam!

As always, changes, bug fixes and new features are listed below in the change log.
Your MBB team


  • Strautmann Giga-Vitesse CFS 4401 DO loader wagon
  • Claas Direct Disc 520 cutting unit
  • Fruit parameters like wetness & rotten (yellow factor according to BBCH value) are visualized in the trailers, during raking and in the bales
  • Chopped field grass, barley, wheat and rye
  • Field grass changes acre into grassland beginning with growth phase 3
  • Prices can vary depending on contamination and quality. This can be changed in the gameplay options:
    • Arcade: Full price for all accepted filltypes
    • Normal: Payment only for the main filltype (remaining cargo yields no money because it’s considered as contamination)
    • Hardcore: Payment only for the main filltype (remaining cargo results in exponential reductions)
  • Delta-Cap, Giga-Vitesse, Verti-Mix and Bressel und Lade Implements support multiple FillTypes, allowing for mixing of e.g. wheat and barley
  • FruitTypes and FillTypes are translated
  • Tarp animations for Volto and Liner
  • Directly after the plant growth update job is done, a new background job updates the fruit distance colors
  • Claas Disco, Liner, Volto und Quadrant have new sounds
  • There is a new Grassland mission which lets you decide if you want to collect the swath the new loader wagon
  • Tank display has a new design and shows all content
  • There is a new Direct State Access workaround for the AMD 18.2.2 OpenGL driver
  • Other OpenGL errors were fixed which also could lead to performance penalties
  • The workers in the mission "Golden harvest" don’t try to drive onto the same spot anymore. They also drive to the biogas plant silos and unload without getting stuck
  • Morph meshes in trailers don’t have stretching issues anymore
  • Physics issue on attach fixed. Wheels do not teleport anymore when attaching a trailer
  • Quadrant doesn’t randomly stop producing bales any longer
  • Implements will be oriented correctly when the upper link has a fixed length
  • Multiple bug fixes for the Hammer Cornking and seeder units
  • When plants change their growth state they should show up again immediately
  • Cab Controls show a circle again
  • There are no longer attach error warnings when implements are loaded and attached in a savegame
  • The distance fruit colors are now painted in a background job after loading and should now be correct even with old savegames
  • Multiple bug fixes regarding the length of the upper link when attaching. Most implements should work a lot better than they did before.
  • Seeder unit are now in sync with the Hammer Cornking after attaching them
  • Volto CE sticker AO errors removed
  • Dammann Land Cruiser lower/raise reworked, should not be stuck in the raised state anymore
  • The "Menu Tutorial" descriptions have been adjusted and translated into English
  • Renting with the option "In front of the player" does not buy the vehicle
  • Unloading a tank should stop correctly when the tank is empty or the target tank is full
  • Tucano and Liner deposit swath directly at the raycast hit position
  • Disabled user actions now display tooltips and can be moved into the quickslots
  • The loading times should be better because the .zip files are uncompressed
  • All editor descriptions are now in English
  • The friction depending on depth and wetness of the ground was adjusted. Wetness doesn’t have any effect on the friction in Arcade. You don’t sink into the ground because of wetness when on Arcade anymore. Overall vehicles should slide less.
  • You don’t sink into the ground anymore if the acre type is grassland
  • Destinations at the Farm, Harbour and Biogas plant have been named correctly
  • Vehicles take longer to get dirty

Changelog (Modding)

  • Implement Attachable-Marker can be moved in Implements
  • listTanks console command
  • addFillToTank console command
  • takeFillFromTank console command
  • setAcre console command
  • setAcre mission command fruit parameters:
    • volumeMin / volumeMax [0 - …]
    • wetnessUpperMin / wetnessUpperMax [0 - 1]
    • wetnessLowerMin / wetnessLowerMax [0 - 1]
    • energyMJperKGMin / energyMJperKGMax [0 - 1]
    • proteinConcentrationMin / proteinConcentrationMax [0 - 1]
    • fibreConcentrationMin / fibreConcentrationMax [0 - 1]
  • Dirt slider in the World Editor to preview dirt on machines
  • Particles button in the World Editor
  • Swath Controller parameter Offset: overrides the random offset
  • Swath Controller parameter Direct Deposit (works only on markers): deposits the swath directly on the raycast hit
  • Script methods:
    • Get Delta Time: returns the script delta time
    • [Swath Controller] Get/Set Output Delay
    • [Swath Controller] Get Package Attribute …
    • [VehicleProxy] Get Fuel Usage: returns the current fuel usage
    • [VehicleProxy] Get Fuel Usage Localized String: returns the current fuel usage in the localized unit
    • Get Fuel Usage Unit: returns the unit of fuel usage
    • Math::FMod: Float Modulo
    • [Attachable Controller] IsAttachableAttached: returns true if the attachable is attached
    • [Attachable Controller] GetAttacherType: returns the Attachable type
    • [TankUnload Controller] CanUnload
    • [Tank Controller]: AddFillLitersFromOtherTank
    • [Tank Controller]: AddFillLitres
    • [Tank Controller]: AddFillLitresExt
    • [Tank Controller]: TakeFillLitres
    • [Tank Controller]: CanTakeFill
    • [Tank Controller]: CanTakeFillLitres
    • SetCabControlToolTipFallback
    • SetCabControlToolTipStringID
  • Script Editor: Method parameters and outputs can use vector slots (vector.x, vector.y, …)
  • ShopImage-Marker Machine States Parameter: can set machine states when generating a shop image
  • Script Methods Rotate to range now/Move to range now will stop a running animation

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