09 Apr 16:25

We’re releasing a small bug fix update today to get you through the easter days… and also to make sure some missions can work correctly again. Both Lemken Azurits and Lemken Saphir have received fill meshes and tank lids that can be opened. Unfortunately, we haven’t had time to add sounds to the recently released Lemken machines.

In addition to that we’ve created a small tutorial for those interested in modding, showing how to change the player character’s clothing. You’ll find it in this thread.

Happy easter, and stay healthy.

  • On/off sound added to the flash light
  • Lemken Azurit, Saphir: tank fill meshes added, lids can be opened
  • [MODDING] Editor function “Replace Geometries with Instances” now factors in the dummy objects’ respective scale. This way, you can place a lantern in Blender spread out on the map using curve and array modifiers, or spray them using particle tools, and then replace them in the editor with your target .wld with one click.
  • Field menu: missing StringTable entries added for field grass and rye
  • Mission “Golden Harvest”: Jaguar can drive to field 3 again using the autopilot
  • Mission “The bulls are back in town!”: faulty navigation target points fixed
  • Hammer CornKing: track markers can reach the ground again
  • Hammer CornKing and seed units: seeding area improved: there should be fewer holes when an employee is working with both machines
  • Hammer CornKing: actual fertilizer spread rate didn’t match the set value
  • Claas Axion: rear three-point hitch attacher is not skewed anymore
  • Claas Tucano, Geringhoff Mais Star: Unnecessary “You’re driving too fast” warning when in transport mode fixed
  • Claas Tucano: screw conveyor rotates again when combine system is on
  • Claas Quadrant: missing pickup texts fixed
  • Lemken Azurit: dirt on the discs fixed
  • Bugs fixed when baking impostor normals and shadows
  • Hammer CornKing corn seed unit & Lemken Azurit: seeds usage was too high (now ~60l/ha)
  • Lemken Korund: roller particles extended

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