28 Mar 19:51

With today's v0.5.0 update we have made extensive changes to the gamepad controls, introduced a new radial menu system, upgraded to PhysX 4.0 and fixed several bugs.

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The radial menu is a new control concept which was actually developed for the controller support, but is also easy to use with keyboard and mouse. We wanted to make sure the user has full and fast access to the numerous vehicle functions and that you don't have to remember too many key combinations. The previous UserAction menu on the right side has been switched off by default with this update, but can be reactivated via the options if required.

Controller Support & Operation

The game can now be started and played using the Steam Big Picture mode. With our new control concept, we wanted to avoid long iterations through list menus. By pressing the left controller stick you get a mouse pointer emulation, where the controller the keys (A, X and Y) are equivalent to the (left, right and middle) keys of the mouse.

Instead of simply offering a few fixed choices for the controller support, we designed the system as flexible as possible, so you can assign the controls as you use the UI to a joystick, steering wheel or any DirectInput device. Go to the options / controls, and use the new input profile “Radial menu” to adjust the controls.

If you click the left stick (keyboard CTRL) ingame, you’ll activate the known UI interaction mode. This way you can also control the cab controls in the vehicles.

The radial menu can be opened and closed by pressing the right controller stick or the middle mouse button. If the stick is moved in one direction and the A button is clicked, the user action is executed. Moving the right stick while holding shoulder button RB you can execute Relative Changes, e.g. open a door only halfway.

You can switch between all attached machines using Dpad right or left, or keyboard Q and E in the open radial menu. With Dpad up/down or using the mouse wheel, you can switch through the rings in the radial menu, giving you access to all UserAction groups.

Using the QuickSlot Favorites function you can assign certain functions to key combinations, so you can quickly use a UserAction without having to open the radial menu. To do so, open the radial menu with the controller and press Y (or F on the keyboard), then you can assign the selected action to a QuickSlot. By using the controller you can simply hold it with LB and/or RB + A, B, X or Y and confirm with A. You can choose a total of 10 individual assignments. The QuickSlots can also be overwritten with another UserAction. Favorites can still be assigned with the keyboard as before, 1 to 0, and controlled with keyboard and mouse. These user-defined assignments are saved per vehicle.

Controllers/joysticks/steering wheels can now be plugged in and out while the game is running (hot plugging).


With the introduction of PhysX 4, there will be a major change in the game, giving it a more realistic feel, while vehicles and attachments are now feel heavier. The optimizations of the PhysX 4 engine are not yet completely finished and there will be more optimizations in the course of development.

Options: Difficulty

We have added a new difficulty tab In the options menu. All options that affect the realism and difficulty while playing CNC will be collected here in the future. There are three presets and a custom level where you can adjust individual functions as you wish. For each function you'll get a boost - depending on the difficulty - that rewards you with additional XP the more realistic you play. For example, if you have selected the highest level of difficulty, you will also have to turn on the engine and cannot simply drive off by pressing the throttle pedal.

Helper AI

We have adapted the helper mode for the Claas Disco cutterbar, so you can now mow a meadow using the AI. The helper AI has been reworked in more places and some problems with the driver and the known crashes have been fixed.


After many requests we have separated the units (metric vs. imperial) and currency from the language. So you can use metric units with english language or imperial units with german language.


  • Game completely controllable via controller (XInput API)
  • Detection of controllers while game is running (hot plugging)
  • UserAction radial menu for controlling vehicle functions
  • PhysX 4.0 Upgrade
  • Tab in the options menu for difficulty level settings
  • Steam Big-Picture mode support
  • Helper mode for Disco 2750: lateral offset
  • Separation of units and languages from each other
  • Console commands spawnBale, listTanks, addFillToTank
  • Controller "Joint", with the method InterpolateJointLimit
  • Script methods: GetEmittingAvgWetnessUpper, GetEmittingAvgWetnessLower, GetEmittingAvgWetness and GetEmittingAvgRottenFactor n the Cutting Controller
  • Script method: Get Joint Linear Limit
  • Fullscreen and Full HD are used by default when starting CNC for the first time
  • The default volume has been increased
  • New control key graphics for keyboard, mouse and gamepad
  • CabControls no longer have to be clicked exactly but can be approximated
  • Albergtal and Techdemo mission texts revised
  • Redesign of the loading and unloading window
  • UserAction menu on the right can only be activated via option
  • Standard key assignment has been updated and changed
  • G key for shifting between manual and automatic gears has been replaced by an option
  • Help menu is now opened with key F2
  • Optimization of UserAction-Infos (descriptions, icons)
  • Claas Tucano 570: display of chopped material/swath delivery system improved
  • Claas Quadrant: driving dust now synched on dirt level
  • Script Editor: All steps of a script are now executed immediately in one frame, if the script has no waiting methods or loops.
  • Small helper (AI) improvements, e.g. in harvest mode with several drivers
  • Fixed several crashes while using the AI
  • Front loader center of gravity fixed
  • Helpers unload again in the silo
  • Unloading only possible in the areas provided for this purpose
  • Claas Vario 930 no longer dirty from the start

The mentioned areas are still under development, will be extended and optimized thanks to your feedback.

  • There is now a versioning of the input configuration. If users have old input settings then the settings will automatically be changed to the new default settings and you may need to reassign your previously changed keys
  • PhysX 4 will be further optimized (handling, three-point, bogy trailer...).
  • We support the controller control under Windows only via the XInput API like most games. That means: you should use an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or compatible controller. There is a XInput wrapper for the PlayStation 4 controller, which we currently can't officially support, though.
  • If there are problems with the controls with old player profiles, e.g. keys don't work as usual and can't be changed, please restore the default settings in the settings menu.
  • The KeyBindings window (F2) has not yet been adapted to the controller control and will be revised accordingly.

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